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BITTER YUCK is a chewing deterrent. This agent will reduce your horses desire to chew on the stalls mats, which can lead to damaged mat charges. It is a clear, non-sticky, and easy to apply spray will stop animals from chewing and gnawing on any number of problem areas. Bitter YUCK! is WATER BASED, unlike other alcohol based products that can cause stinging or allergies.

You can order spray service , or order an entire bottle. 

Your stall will be completely disinfected, and ready for your horse BEFORE your arrival.

Our mats are power washed and disinfected with Santi-T-10, which has veterinarian approval, before placement in the stalls.

Performance Stall Mats includes:

-Mats installed prior to your stay

-Disinfectant service

-No Chew Spray

Stall mats must be installed by an employee of Performance Stall Mats LLC.

All stall mat renters must agree that the rented stall mats will be returned in the same condition and appearance as when rented. Renters agree to pay for any damages to the stall mats, including the cost of replacing the stall mats. If the stall mats are missing or unaccounted for at the time of check out, then the renter agrees to be charged for the cost of mat replacement ($315.00 p/mat). Once the stall mats have been rented and they are in your possession, any damages beyond normal wear and tear, theft, loss or failure to account for is your responsibility. Performance Stall Mats will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur while using stall mat products while in renters possession.  If you discover mats being pulled up or chewed on, Contact Ashley (432-889-2022), or April (432-438-0127) ASAP. We Will spray NO a CHEW product on the mats.

Check Out with Performance Stall Mats Process:

The release of your responsibilities will only end when you check out of your stall. You can call or text Ashley (432-889-2022), or April (432-438-0127) to complete the stall mat check out process. Prior to leaving the show, you must check out with Performance Stall Mats. Provide your stall #'s and departure time, so mats can be secured. Failure to do so will make you liable for any stolen or missing mats.

 If you want to purchase mats at the show please contact us.  We will take a % off of the purchase price if you have already booked a rental.  Do NOT take the rental mats if you purchase mats.  We will bring you a new mat without rental design on it.

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